Amida Nyorai, Buddha of the Western Paradise

The Buddhist Teachings

What did the Buddha actually teach?

The core teachings of the Buddha are condensed in the “Four Noble Truths”. It is said that the Buddha recognized them at the moment of his awakening. 

The first of these truths states that all life is suffering, based on the nature of all things – that is, their impermanence. Humans suffer because they are attached to things that are intrinsically transient. This applies not only to the objects around them but also to their own nature as human beings.

In this thread you will hear a range of Buddhists talking about their views on the complexity of the world and the Self. You will also learn what happiness can mean to followers of Buddhism.

The teachings on karma and rebirth are equally important for understanding the world of Buddhism. According to Buddhist belief, a person dies and is reborn again and again, and in each existence, they will experience suffering, sorrow, and pain. The ultimate goal is the end of all suffering and to attain nirvana.